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Fr-44 certificate is required for the following convictions:

  • Caught driving under the influence of drugs or intoxicants
  • Caught driving while the driver’s license has been suspended due to a conviction
  • Caught driving while the driver’s license has been suspended due to finding of not innocent (juvenile cases)
  • Violation of the provisions of any federal law or law of any other state or any valid local ordinance similar to the above.

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Cheapest Florida FR44 Filed in 5 Minutes or Less!

Receiving a DUI in Florida is probably one of the most frustrating events of your life. While there’s nothing we (or anybody) can do to make it a “Cheap Experience” overall, we certainly can make it CHEAPER. We specialize in Non-Owner and Owner Florida FR44 Insurance Products. By shopping the market across multiple insurance companies, we’re able to find the lowest FR44 insurance pricing with A-rated or better companies. This philosophy allows us to repeatedly sell literally thousands of policies each year while giving Floridians what they’re looking for… getting their drivers license reinstated. In fact, by shopping the market, we generally find Florida FR44 policies that are thousands of dollars cheaper than competing quotes. Let us find you the lowest price today!

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FR44 DUI Insurance provides cheap DUI insurance for drivers in Florida with a suspended driver’s license due to a DUI conviction. A DUI conviction carries with it extra penalties requiring drivers to have increased liability coverage. If you need auto insurance DUI coverage, call us now.

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FR44 DUI Insurance is an industry leader in providing quality DUI insurance and DWI insurance to our thousands of individuals everywhere in Florida who are in a high-risk category following a DUI conviction.

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Our compassionate insurance professionals will do everything we can to identify and meet your specific legal requirements with a customized policy that works for you at a rate you can afford. At FR44 DUI Insurance, we take the guess-work and fear out of your insurance requirements and help you make sense of it all. We evaluate your needs and then find the insurance company that will give you the best value for your dollar.

Cheap DUI insurance for drivers
in Florida.

FR44 DUI insurance has the best products available to you at the best prices. Every day, we work with drivers who have had multiple traffic violations, no prior insurance, have had their driver’s license suspended, have been convicted of DUI/DWI violations, and for drivers who do not own their own vehicles but are still required to carry financial responsibility filings.

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